Wakura Onsen Hosenkaku is a culinary inn where you can relax with seasonal ingredients and hot springs from the Noto Peninsula.


Beautiful ingredients like jewels

Spring, summer, autumn and winter The Noto Peninsula is rich in delicious ingredients no matter when you visit.
Please enjoy the dishes of Hosenkaku, which is full of Hokuriku ingredients.

About measures to prevent the spread Novel Coronavirus infection in this facility

  • About measures to prevent the spread Novel Coronavirus infection in this facility

    In Hosenkakufor Novel Coronavirus infection拡_⼤ proof ⽌ measures, taking into account the customer as well as the health and safety of employees, as follows, do the Novel Coronavirus infection拡_⼤ proof ⽌ measures.
    *We will update the countermeasures as needed according to the situation.

    For details, please see the "Infection Spread Prevention Measures" page.

Information in this facility

  • Hosenkaku, the main building newly built in 1996

    The exterior of Hosenkaku was built with the image of a pure Japanese-style teahouse.
    The view from the room to the sea Wakura Onsen Town, so it is over the town, but it is a structure where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Wakura Onsen
    It is also convenient for exploring the cityscape, and is popular with people who are looking forward to exploring the hot spring town.
    It is a 3-minute walk to the sea.
  • Pure Japanese style room

    Most of the accommodation rooms are 15 to 18 square meters.
    All rooms are equipped with washlet toilets.
    We also have a large vanity made of marble.
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19-2 Yobu, Wakura Town, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

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Wakuraonsen Station will pick you up at Wakuraonsen Station.
It will be smooth if you let us know your arrival time in advance.
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