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We are working on local production for local consumption with the aim of safe and secure food.

I make a lot of meals every day, so not all
Little by little, but as much as possible, buy land to create fields, trade directly with fishermen to secure fish,
We have contract farmers grow vegetables and rice.
  • greeting

    Thank you for visiting this page.
    Our dishes are not only good from Hokuriku
    We always try to make the dishes with a feeling of warmth that you can feel the warmth of the people of Noto.
    We look forward to welcoming you.

    【Hosenkaku Group Chief Chef]Daisuke Boshiyama
  • Phantom fish Blackthroat Seaperch

    The blackthroat seaperch became famous all over the country due to the influence of television. (Blackthroat Seaperch)
    It is a special material that can be obtained only in Kanazawa, which handles fresh fish from all over Ishikawa prefecture.
    The taste is said to be white egg white, and despite being white or white, it is fatty.
    It is an ingredient that you want to try once.
  • Live abalone

    Abalone in the summer season.
    It is used in various dishes as a high-class ingredient.
    Sashimi with a crunchy texture, fluffy and soft freshly-made dance roast, etc.
    Hosenkaku, we serve fresh abalone that is alive until just before cooking.
  • Produced in Ishikawa Prefecture brand crab Kano crab

    Kano Crab with a tag in Ishikawa prefecture.
    It was decided by open call for participants when the Ishikawa Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative was established (September 1, 2006).
    It is a name that combines "Kaga" from Kaga and "Noh" from Noto.
  • Shio Kaiseki cuisine

    Kaiseki cuisine where you can enjoy Noto's ingredients such as fresh fish landed from Noto's fishing port and Noto
    We serve seasonal ingredients such as Yassun with mountain seafood, fresh seasonal fish sashimi, hot pot and steamed dishes, and seasonal ingredients in various dishes.
  • Haruka Kaiseki cuisine

    Kaiseki cuisine with A4 rank Wagyu steak on top of seasonal seafood.
    Togetsuan is also appreciated by local customers who are noisy about cooking.
    Enjoy eating Japanese beef steak with a passion for Togetsuan, who is good at handling not only fish but also meat.
  • Kagayaki Kaiseki cuisine

    It is a gorgeous kaiseki meal where you can fully enjoy Noto's ingredients such as fresh abalone that lives in a cage until just before serving it to customers, A4 rank soft Japanese beef steak, and seafood caught in the Sea of Japan.
  • Rosy Seabass kaiseki cuisine

    "Rosy Seabass" is called "white toro" and is a popular high-class fish characterized by high-quality fat and melting meat.
    Rosy Seabass kaiseki cuisine with Rosy Seabass, a whole nodoguro is added to the dinner.
    Rosy Seabass from grilled salt, boiled and shabu-shabu.
  • We are working to promote and popularize Noto Vegetables

    【Noto Vegetables?】
    Noto Vegetables are "A lot of passionate vegetables cultivated by the climate and culture are cultivated in Noto
    Let's review the value of these vegetables and strengthen their brand power! It refers to vegetables certified by Noto Vegetable Promotion Council, which was established in 2007 to the effect.
    In addition, only "vegetables that are produced utilizing the climate of Noto and have excellent characteristics and quality" are certified as Noto Vegetables