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  2. History of Wakura Onsen

History of Wakura Onsen

History of Wakura Onsen

  • Wakura Onsen Daido year, about 1200 years ago, when the hot springs spring out.
    Initially, the hot spring springs into the Mt Yakushidake Enyama, west of Yakushitake, and then it is said that the spring has moved into the sea 60m offshore due to crustal movements.
    Then, Eisho year that has passed through the era, fisherman husband and wife who lived in the land, saw the Egret in the sea stand steam is healing themselves, "hot water gushing crane Ura"Wakura is discovered it was done.
    It is said that the Wakuura became Wakura and became known as Wakura.

    Since then, under the control of Kaga Domain Enpo 2nd year of Enpo (1674), Wakura Onsen) was easily mistaken for the written characters, so the name was changed to today's "Wakura Kaga Domain I will.
    Then, progress in landfill of Yushima, bridge also hung, as the three years Joois (Yadokata稼) are allowed, big, such as hot water seat shop and spa inn and indoor baths inn to rest as an external hot water was built ..
    End of Edo Period of the Wakura Onsen Wakura Onsen became even more roaring as the number of hot spring recuperators increased, with visitors from public houses in Kyoto, wealthy merchants in Osaka, painters and poets.

    Keicho 1611, when Toshinaga Maeda second feudal lord of Kaga Domain, was in trouble with a tumor, Wakura Onsen Wakura-no-yu (Wakura Onsen) for treatment, and the reputation of Wakura-no-yu
    Therefore, we used as a hot water easy as Kanei years of hot spring medical treatment (1641), Kaga Domain 3 feudal lord Toshitsune Maeda, landfill maintenance and the surrounding sprue to the Town Magistrate Kakuzaemon Ishiguro, ordered the construction to Yushima It was.
    In Yushima, a stone-enclosed jar was built, and tubs for storing hot water were lined up to build a thatched-roof barber shop.

    After this,涌浦now it is visited by a lot of hot springs recuperation customer to (now Wakura Onsen, Wakura Wakura and the house if seven, island Ya go who Nya out hot water" The song of the singing of the Wakura, which has only seven houses of half-farming and half-fishing, became popular.

    Wakura Village were recognized as a common land of the village, not as a government land, due to the efforts of the villagers and others.
    From 1879 to 2013, the land reclamation to Yushima progressed, and finally it became a land continuation.
    In that year, Wakura Onsen won the third prize Bankoku Kosen Hakurankai (international mineral spring exhibition)
    It gained fame in the world.
    Since then, we have repeated trial and error to ensure that our customers always use the abundant and high-quality Wakura-no-yu.

Wakura Onsen A little bit of knowledge

  • The hot springs of Wakura Onsen are very salty hot springs called strong salt springs.
    The effect is very rich, but there are some problems.
    It feels much hotter than the actual water temperature due to the strong salt content.
    but it's okay!
    At first it's tingling, but it's strange to enter!
    Immediately relax and immerse yourself.
    Please enjoy the mysterious hot springs of Wakura Onsen Onsen as many times as you like.
    You can also enjoy the skin-beautifying effect for women!