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Tourist information

Wakura Onsen, the center of the Noto Peninsula, is the best location for sightseeing in Noto.

Yutakatana Nature, delicious ingredients, heroic festivals, unique peninsular culture nurtured in the Sea of Japan, etc.
Introducing many sightseeing spots that cannot be visited at once!

Where can I go from Wakura Onsen? what is there?

For those looking for local information that isn't in magazines or guidebooks.
Noto Peninsula customers who are visiting the Noto Peninsula for the first time.
  • Noto area sightseeing map

    • Notojima Aquarium

      An aquarium on Noto Island in the quiet Nanao Bay.
      Get up close and personal with dolphins!
    • Wajima Morning Market

      The morning market, where you can enjoy interacting with the shop's auntie, is Noto and Wajima's specialties.
    • Senmaida

      A beautiful rice terrace that has been selected as Japan’s Top 100 Terraced Rice Fields
    • Noto Shokusai Market

      Noto festivals, delicious foods, and events are also held.
    • Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

      Drive about 8km along the coastline while bathing in the waves on the train window!
      In the summer, you can also swim in the shallow sea.
    • Kiriko Art Museum

      Chirico of various sizes, which can only be seen at the Noto festival, are lined up!
    • Mitsuke Island

      Japan's most immovable lens lighthouse.
      I want to visit on a sunny day and enjoy the panorama of the Sea of Japan!
    • Rokkosaki Lighthouse

      Noto Peninsula lighthouse at the tip of the Noto Peninsula.
      You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan on a clear day!
    • Koiji Beach

      A beach with a series of strange rocks on a white sand beach, which is crowded as a beach in summer.
    • Yase Cliff

      Seicho Matsumoto cliff that was the setting for Zero-no-shoten (Zero Focus) Matsumoto's detective novel "Zero's Focus".
    • Endenmura

      You can experience the traditional fried beach style salt making.
    • Ganmon

      A superb view created by eroding the bedrock of the cape.
      Ships can also pass through at high tide.
    • Kenroku-en

      Three Great Gardens of Japan of Japan, a must-visit spot when you come to Ishikawa.
      The park is large, so please wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sightseeing and event information around Wakura Onsen

    • Wakura Onsen

      For more information on sightseeing, it is convenient to visit the website of the Wakura Onsen Tourism Association
    • 【event information】spring

      Wakura Onsen Spring Fireworks held in spring.
      The main venue is lined with stores and burns the sky of Wakura.

      Held in early April
    • 【event information】Early-summer

      The local performing art "Noto no Busu", which has become an annual event, and a festival that represents Nanao. "Seihaku Festival"
      Please enjoy the balmy spring Noto.

      Held during Golden Week in May
    • 【event information】summer

      Ishizaki lantern, a Shinto ritual that calms the fire with a prayer for a big catch and a good harvest.
      As many as 100 sea men carry and parade a huge chirico with a height of 15m.
      The highlight is the bravery of the fisherman town.

      Held in early August
  • Wakura Recommended Sightseeing

    • Wakura Onsen Seirinji Temple/Nagomi-no-Oka

      Wakura Onsen Seirinji Temple watches over Wakura Onsen from a hill.
      At the top of the stairs that extend to the bamboo grove in the back, there is an observatory overlooking Wakura Onsen.
      It is a superb view.
    • Wakura Onsen, Soyu before footbath

      A hot spring footbath that you can enjoy for free.
      15 minutes in the footbath while making hot spring eggs at the source.
      Completion of delicious hot spring eggs.

      A museum and cafe produced by the world-famous pastry chef Tsujiguchi Nanao
      It may be sold out in the morning.
    • Wakura Toy Museum and Showa Museum

      A toy museum that both adults and children can enjoy.
      The inside of this facility with the mood of Showa is very nostalgic.
    • Wakura Onsen Yuttari Park

      A park where you can enjoy a footbath while overlooking the spectacular view of Nanao Bay the waves are calm.
      Please take a resting place tired from walking.
    • Wakura Onsen / Yumoto Hiroba

      A symbol spot of Wakura Onsen Onsen where hot springs spring up.
      Enjoy a panel that talks about history and a commemorative photo.
    • Footbath in front of the annex, Togetsuan

      The seat is a unique footbath where you can enjoy a bedrock bath that uses the heat of the hot springs.
      It can be used for free.
    • Night view of the annex, Togetsuan

      The light-up of the annex (built in 1915), which was rebuilt in 2002, is now a specialty of Wakura Onsen.
      Please take a commemorative photo.
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