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  2. Infection spread prevention measures

Infection spread prevention measures

About measures to prevent the spread Novel Coronavirus infection in this facility

  • In Hosenkakufor Novel Coronavirus infection拡_⼤ proof ⽌ measures, taking into account the health and safety of customers and employees,
    We will take the following measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus
    *We will update the countermeasures as needed according to the situation.

    During your stay, there may be differences from the way you spend your time at this facility, and we may ask for your cooperation.
    Please check before making a reservation or visiting the museum.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.
    We will endeavor to make our guests feel at ease during their stay.

"New Travel Etiquette""New travel rules"

New Travel Etiquette

This is a content that we especially want everyone who goes on a trip to follow as an infection prevention measure.

New travel rules

This is a content that all users of the GoTo Travel Business

Measures to prevent the spread of infection at this facility

  • Regarding each of "contact infection" and "droplet infection", which are the main transmission routes of the Novel Coronavirus
    We carry out risk countermeasures and hygiene management in consideration of the flow lines and contact between customers and employees.

1. Countermeasures against contact infection

  • ・Disinfection of touched areas
    ・Reduce shared items as much as possible

2. Measures against droplet infection

  • ・Ventilate
    ・ Keep a distance between people
    ・Avoid making loud noises in the facility

3. Implementation of temperature measurement and physical condition management for employees

  • All employees will be required to measure the temperature before work and refrain from going to work if they are in poor physical condition.
    Even if a person with poor physical condition is found in the family, the employee will refrain from going to work.

4. Measures when employees enter the building

  • When you enter the museum, we will thoroughly gargle, wash your hands, disinfect your hands, and wear a mask.
    *We also ask our business partners to take risk measures when entering the museum.

About your stay

【Shuttle bus boarding / admission】

  • Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands.
    Please be sure to make a reservation in advance as the number of passengers on the shuttle bus is limited.

【Check In】

  • Information on the facility will be explained on paper.
    Please measure the temperature (non-contact type) and disinfect with alcohol one by one.
    *If you feel unwell during your stay at check-in, please be sure to let us know.

【Check Out】

  • Check-out payment is possible from 7:00 am.
    It will be very crowded from 9 am to 10 am, so please cooperate in time distribution before leaving the room.
    When lining up, please secure a sufficient distance between people (2m is a guide).


  • Bath towels are available for each room.
    We have stopped preparing amenities such as lotion and brushes, and we ask that you bring your own.
    *Shampoo / conditioner / body soap is provided in the large communal bath.

【Large Communal Bath】

  • We are reducing the number of undressing baskets.
    If there is no space in the basket, please change the time.
    Please secure a sufficient distance between people (2m as a guide) even in the dressing area and large communal bath.
    Please refrain from talking in a loud voice.


  • We will prepare meals in a way that reduces contact opportunities as much as possible.
    Please leave a space between seats and take a seat so that you do not face each other.
    Please disinfect your hands before meals and wear a mask until just before eating or drinking.
    Please refrain from sharing dishes and drinking.
    Please refrain from talking in a loud voice.

【Shared space】

  • The number of people who can use the shared toilet / smoking area is displayed.
    Please use the elevator one group at a time.
    When lining up, please secure a sufficient distance between people (2m is a guide).

【Dormant service】

  • Karaoke in the banquet hall will be closed.